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Winterlynn packs a bag of dancer's gear—worn tights, slippers, jazz shoes, platform heels, thigh high stockings with garter belts and matching corsets to wear at the club. She's too broke to buy new outfits for a gig that has yet to pay a cent. Her coltish, supermodel roommate, Devon, is singing in the kitchen while flexing her culinary skills. Whatever she's cooking smells delicious, and Winterlynn hasn't had a solid meal since last night, nervous about today's audition, and now even more so having to dance nude in just a few hours.
“Are you hungry, Winter?” Devon calls out.
“No, thanks,” Winterlynn replies. “I have to leave soon.”
Devon rushes down the hall to Winterlynn's room, seeing her packing. “Where are you going?”
“I auditioned and was hired on the spot. I start in a few hours. Got to pack and go.”
Devon checks out the selection of lingerie and sexy outfits. “Oh? That's cool. I didn't know you had an interview. What kind of job is it in Kuanatn?”
Winterlynn avoids Devon's gaze, unsure of her feelings regarding the nature of the gig. “Escort girl, at a private club.”
Devon doesn't quit, brushing Winterlynn's hair out of her face, asking, “Where at? Stage dancing? Lap dancing? Judging by what you're packing, looks like a strip club?”
“Yes, it is. I was hired to dance in costume, and maybe strip, I don't know.”
“You don't know? Winterlynn, didn't you ask the person you auditioned for?”
Winterlynn turns away from Devon, zipping up the bag. “She said it was fully nude.”
Devon bursts out with a shocked laugh, “Fully nude? You're kidding me? Why didn’t you just say that then? Are you cool with that type of dancing?”
“I've done it before, just not like this,” Winterlynn admits.
Devon pulls her close, teasing her with hip bumps and slaps on her round booty. “You have? My roomie has so many secrets. And I thought we knew everything about each other. You're going to show it all off, every bit of your fine ass body to strangers at some club? Wow, didn't know you were that girl.”
Winterlynn faces the statuesque model. “I'm not. I'm a dancer desperate for work. At least I can pay my half of the rent this month.”
Devon retreats, not liking her tone, saying, “I told you I would cover it. I make enough to pay the full amount.”
Winterlynn gives her a warm hug. “I know, and thank you, but I don't feel right about you doing that. We're not...”
“What?” Devon hugs her warmly.
“We're not girlfriends or lovers.”
“We could be,” purring in Winterlynn's ear, Devon toys with her, “but you insist on keeping things platonic. If you were my girlfriend I'd be easing your nerves with a shot of tequila and a quick fuck.”
Winterlynn laughs, that was not what she was expecting to hear. “I'm a little preoccupied now.”
Devon removes some of the packed clothes, not digging her selections, “Come on, girl, you need to make better choices. Is this all you have?”
Winterlynn takes the clothes from her, responding with a quick, “Yes.”
Devon offers a solution. “I have some nice lingerie you can borrow. You can't be getting all sexy in front of a club full of men dressed in these, even if it all comes off.”
“Not men,” Winterlynn reveals, “women only.”
“Stop it! Seriously? A lesbo bar? I want to go!” Devon jumps around like a child begging for a puppy. “Sounds like a dream come true for a girl like me.”
“Really? I suppose you could go with me.” Winterlynn's tension is eased by Devon's playfulness. “It's a super sophisticated place, very fancy inside. You'd never know it was there from the street and I'm not allowed to talk about it either. It's not open to the public. I pass it all the time and I never would have thought twice.”
“Upscale lesbians have a private place to perv over naked women? I think it's fantastic. I wish I knew it existed before, too. I'd be there all the time. They're going to love you, with your fine ass and your sweet little tits.” Devon makes a bold move, handling Winterlynn's breasts, not stopped from touching her this time. “And I get to watch you strip.” Ever the go-getter, Devon kisses Winterlynn's chest murmuring, “How about a warm up?”
Winterlynn brushes her off, fixing her makeup, “You are the horniest girl I've ever met.”
“Oh, I'm a prude compared to the other models I've worked with. So, is that a yes?”
“It's a later, a maybe later.”
Devon ceases to push, excited about the prospects of seeing Winterlynn in all her glory tonight, “You sure you don't want anything to eat? Don't tell me you're starving yourself. I like a little meat on the bones. My sauce is delicious and it might get you in the mood.”
This time Winterlynn agrees to let Devon feed her.

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